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Verpeak Colour Bumper Weight Plate 5KG x 2 Grey

Verpeak Colour Bumper Weight Plate 5KG x 2 Grey

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Weightlifting is a great way to strengthen, and shape up, but without the proper equipment, it can not only cause a hole in your pocket, but a crack in your home gym. Our VERPEAK bumper weight plates are made of dense, natural rubbers that are tough to withstand the punishing falls accompanied by weightlifting, all while minimising the damage to your floors. Beginner-friendly, gradually lift your way to a healthier, stronger you with our collection of bumper weight plates.


  • Grow Stronger: Suitable for beginners that are getting into the powerlifting game. Gradually build higher resistance and endurance with our bumper weight plates.
  • A Tough Build: Let it drop when you need to. Rubber coated with a stainless steel insert, our bumper weight plates are robust and durable to withstand repeated drops.
  • Colour Coded: Tell them apart at just a glance. With different colours to represent different weights, know which weight to reach for even when they are identical in size.
  • Meets The Criteria: Train like a professional. Each bumper plate features the IWF standard diameter of 450 mm. Its collar opening of 50 mm fits the Olympic barbells perfectly.
  • Damage Control: Adds a layer of protection to your gym floor. Designed to hit the ground uniformly at the same time, the force is distributed across a larger surface for better shock absorption.


  • Brand: VERPEAK
  • Colour: Grey
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 2.6cm

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