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Saffron & Oud Shower Gel

Saffron & Oud Shower Gel

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Take it to the shower room, squeeze the thick gel out of the bottle and smell. This is a scent that makes you go �Ahhhhh, that�s what I�m talking about!�.

People who have even the vaguest idea about Oud or Saffron will have no difficulty in understanding that this blend is a scent crackerjack. And yes, it is.

Saffron and Oud notes dance together in a blend of exotic aromatics that will leave you amazed in your shower room. This is sort of a fragrance that you will want to be drenched in, and our product is exactly going to provide you that experience to bathe in luxurious aromatics with the pleasure dial turned to the max.

This Shower Gel is a great introduction to Luxury - it is bold, beautiful and captivating. The traces of scent will leave your body with the most amazing and delicate fragrance that you won�t stop smelling yourself.

Our Shower gels are a concoction of high-quality ingredients, the gel produces a creamy lather and leaves your body squeaky clean, moisturized and scented with an exceptional fragrance.

Product size is 300mL.

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