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Oud Oriental Body Lotion

Oud Oriental Body Lotion

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Warm and sensual - a league of its own!

With their spices, musks, incense and resins, the Orientals are rooted in perfume�s own history. �Oriental� is an official category of perfume that is distinguished by its warm and sensual notes.

Oud Oriental Body lotion offers a unique blend of warmth and sensuality, where the richness is drawn out of the precious woods, floral and spicy scents. This 300ml bottle of body lotion will take you by surprise by its beautiful fragrance. You would least expect this type of fragrance wafting out of a Body lotion compared to a high-class perfume.

This product of ours is a class of its own, the scent exudes notes of rich, velvety, creamy and woody notes with a hint of smoke. The smokey-buttery scent is absolutely charming and addictive. If you love woody scents of a good quality, then REJOICE, you have found a gem. Apply this body lotion after a shower, you will probably skip applying any perfume after this, it is that good.

The fragrance in Oud Oriental body lotion is strong and will make its presence felt around you. It starts strong and then gets subtle progressively. You may choose to apply any matching woody fragrance to top it up to another level.

This fragrance is unisex, as long as you love rich and woody fragrances. Have a shower with our Oud Oriental Hand & Body wash and after towelling off, apply Oud Oriental Body lotion and then see what your heart tells you!

Oud Oriental Body Lotion contains Shea Butter and other quality ingredients to keep your skin moisturized, soft, smooth and fragrant.

Product size is 300mL.

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