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Oud & Musk Soap Bar

Oud & Musk Soap Bar

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If you have tried every other type of soap bar with all fancy labeling and catchy statements, then you need to give a last try to our Oud & Musk Soap bar. This try will end your search for finding 'Beauty & a Class' in a soap bar.

This is an avant-garde quality soap bar, pampered with the most cherished fragrance in human history 'Musk'. Subtle and extremely delightful to senses. Get one for yourself or buy it as a gift, you will pat your back for making this purchase, it is that good.

The fusion of Musk and Oud is one of the most adored and luscious choice for fragrance lovers around the world. Oud and Musk blends are not known for the loudness of the scent, in fact the real thing behind this combo is a subtle elegance and alluring impact that it creates.

Oud & Musk Hand and Body Wash exude a subtle and sensual fragrance that is calming and refreshing. This is a great choice for people who like subtle but quality fragrance.

Made from vegetable fat and uplifted by pure natural herbs and Oud fragrance. Our soaps will leave your skin moisturize, soft, smooth and clean.

Soap bar is 125 Gram.

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