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Oud & Musk Body Deodorant

Oud & Musk Body Deodorant

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There are some scents that are mysterious, you can't define them properly but they touch your heart without any second thoughts. Musk is the fragrance that humans fell into love centuries ago and they still are. There is something in the profile of the scent that attracts almost everyone, this is a scent that brings contentment and joy in an undefined way.

Oud & Musk body spray is an avant-garde quality body spray, pampered with the most cherished fragrance in human history 'Oud' and 'Musk'. It is subtle but extremely delightful to senses. Get one for yourself or buy it as a gift, you will pat your back for making this purchase, it is that good.

You can match it with our Oud & Musk Hand & Body Wash and Oud & Musk Soap Bar.

Product size is 200mL.

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