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Oud Majestic Shower Gel

Oud Majestic Shower Gel

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Oud Majestic' as the name suggests is really something different and unique in its scent profile. If you like Middle Eastern style Oud perfume oils that are rich and deep in scent then you will love it or if you just want to bath in an exquisite scent that will fill your shower room with a spellbinding scent then go for it. This fruity, creamy floral, woody and musky scent is really majestic in experience. If you are fond of good quality stuff then this shower gel will make it really hard for you to go back to any other regular shower gel.

Bathing is the time when we relax ourselves and want to have peaceful time leaving behind the worries of life. But, bathing in quality fragrance is not very common, we do not usually think in this way because we are not used to of it. We spend our money in other, more expensive alternates to relax ourselves but we usually do not want to spend money to enhance the peaceful time that we give ourselves while bathing. We strongly suggest you to at least once try our shower gels, perhaps start with 'Oud Majestic Shower Gel' it will add priceless satisfaction in your daily life.

Our Shower gels are a concoction of high-quality ingredients, the gel produces creamy leather and leaves your body squeaky clean, moisturized and scented with exceptional fragrance.

Product size is 300mL.

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