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Nordic Hamstring Curl Bar & Strap

Nordic Hamstring Curl Bar & Strap

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The Nordic hamstring curl - also known as the Nordic ham curl and the inverse leg curl — is a lower body exercise that uses your bodyweight to activate your hamstring muscles.

The Nordic door strap is the perfect way practice better form for your Nordic hamstring curls in the ATG program.

  • Door anchor with foam pad to protect your door
  • Comfortable soft foam for ankle support
  • Heavy duty alloy steel
  • Reinforced woven mesh nylon tape
  • Adjustable length clasp for secure custom fit


  • Rubberised door anchor to protect your door and prevent slipping
  • Comfortable soft foam for ankle support
  • Heavy duty alloy steel
  • Reinforced woven mesh nylon tape
  • Adjustable length clasp for secure custom fit

HOW TO PERFORM A NORDIC HAMSTRING CURL: Start on your knees with your ankles secured, carefully lower yourself toward the floor and catch yourself before squeezing your hamstrings to lift yourself back up.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The high-density, soft foam covering the handle adds extra comfort to your ankles for your nordic hamstring curls. This machine can also be used for sit-ups since the double-row support bars will help you to add more strength from your heels.

QUALITY MATERIALS: The centre bar of hamstring curl strap is made of steel and provides maximum stability and control for your Nordic hamstring curls. This device is thicker with curved non-slip cushioned high-density foam pads that provide comfortable foot or ankle support. The reinforced woven mesh nylon tape on this device is strong and durable.

EASY TO SET UP: The nordic hamstring curl tool is easy for anyone to use. 

LIGHT AND PORTABLE: The nordic hamstring machine is light and portable. It's also simple to install and easy to use. You can use this tool to practice your nordic hamstring curls at home, in the office or at your local gym.

If you have a previous or pre-existing health condition, consult your physician before beginning an exercise program. Proper exercise technique is essential to ensure the safety and effectiveness of an exercise program, but you may need to modify each exercise to attain optimal results based on your individual needs. Always select a weight that allows you to have full control of your body throughout the movement. When performing any exercise, pay close attention to your body, and stop immediately if you note pain or discomfort. Do not use this device in conjunction with glass doors!

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