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Hareemi Body Lotion

Hareemi Body Lotion

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Ladies take a note, If you are looking for a fragrance that is graceful, unique and beautiful then you are on the right page.

Quality wise, our body lotions are great, but when you take a whiff of Oud Hareemi body lotion you will appreciate the skills of the perfumer who came up with this beautiful blend of aromatics. This is a subtle scent that exhibits pure class and elegance, very calming and highly enjoyable.

The fragrance of Oud Hareemi Body lotion is very enticing, you will find a mix of florals including Jasmine, a hint of pink grapefruit set against the delicate framework a woody base. This is sort of a fragrance that when you apply it, you can't resist smelling yourself.

The fragrance of our products is a key distinction that we have over any other product in the market. During our road show, Oud Hareemi and Oud & Flowers sampling took every woman by surprise due to the fragrance uniqueness and delightfulness that they had never experienced before.

This variant is highly recommended for our female customer base.

Oud Hareemi Body Lotion contains Shea Butter and other quality ingredients to keep your skin feeling moisturised, soft, smooth and fragrant.

Product size is 300mL.

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