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Conduit Pre-Workout Gummy (50 Serves)

Conduit Pre-Workout Gummy (50 Serves)

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With an impressive 4016mg of active ingredients per gummy, Conduit Pre-Workout Gummies deliver a highly concentrated and powerful dose of Pre-Workout in an ultra-convenient delivery system. Developed to ensure a quick release of ingredients after consuming the gummies, Conduit does not compromise on the formulation for the sake of being a confectionary. The extremely versatile delivery system allows the consumer to easily regulate their doses, as well as offering an easy and quick way to stack their pre-workout with other products they are using.

With 4 diverse flavours in the range, and at only $1.20 per serve, you’ll be amazed at how we have been able to cram 13 active ingredients in each gummy. 

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