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Oud Royal Soap Bars (3 Pack) Gift/Value Set

Oud Royal Soap Bars (3 Pack) Gift/Value Set

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This is a gift/value pack with 3 soap bars in the pack.

There are no screaming loud fragrance notes in this soap neither we intended to make something like this. There is pure sophistication. Delicate yet rich fragrance is part of this composition to make it worthy to be called Royal.

The fragrance of Oud Royal is very sensual, soft, floral with soft woods in the background. If you have experienced a good quality White Musk perfume, then think of the softness, creaminess and delightful sweetness of the perfume.

The scent exhibits the taste of Royals that is sophisticated and pleasure to the senses. The scent is a citrus infusion with layers of floral notes which are extremely well supported by subtle Oud in the base.

If you like a scent with character and matureness then this variant should be on your buying list.

Made from vegetable fat and uplifted by pure natural herbs and Oud fragrance. Our soaps will leave your skin moisturize, soft, smooth and clean.

Pack contains three soap bars and each soap bar weight is 125 Gram.

Ingredients: Oud Perfume, Sodium Palmate, Sodium Kernalate, Sodium Chloride, Glycerine, EDTA, Titanium Dioxide

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