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Oud Oriental Soap Bar

Oud Oriental Soap Bar

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If you are a bargain hunter then you have caught a BIG catch this time. Prepare to pay 3 to 4 times (or even more) if you would have found it wrapped in fancy packaging from your favorite big brand.

Hmmm... not sure? Buy one, open the pack and put your nose on the soap bar and you will know straight up that this is not the product of the regular shopping market aisle.

This product of our is a class of its own, the scent exudes notes of rich, velvety, creamy and woody notes with hint of smoke. The smokey-buttery scent is absolutely beautiful that stays on your skin and get subtle progressively. An absolute favorite for Oud lovers and even for starters.

This is a charming member of our range and will not fail to impress.

Made from vegetable fat and uplifted by pure natural herbs and Oud fragrance. Our soaps will leave your skin moisturize, soft, smooth and clean.

Soap bar is 125 Gram.

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